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Phôi sứ Aconia – ST Super Translucency
Labo, Phôi sứ

Widest applications for prosthodontics Superb bending strength Decent translucency up to 43% Yttrium-stabilized and corrosion resistance White and 16 A-D shades available

Phôi sứ Aconia – SHT Super High Translucency
Labo, Phôi sứ

SHT-Super High Translucency Aconia SHT has the ideal combination of high strength and superior translucency, delivering natural-teeth-like aesthetic effects and stability. Product features: High translucency up to 46% Creditable bending […]

Phôi sứ Aconia – HT High Translucency
Labo, Phôi sứ

HT- High Translucency The strongest and most economical Zirconia blank, is notably applied for multi-unit bridge. Product features: 3-POINT flexural strength up to 1450Mpa Wide range of posterior processing options […]

Phôi sứ Aconia – TT Through Translucency
Labo, Phôi sứ

TT- Through Translucency Aconia TT is our most translucent material. The aesthetics of the product is highly compatible with the natural teeth. Product features: Highest translucency up to 49% Spectacular […]